Exactive EQ Glucose Test Meter Kit

£8.99 (Prices Exclusive of VAT. Diabetic customers can request VAT exemption certificate from us and receive goods free of VAT)

Our Exactive EQ Simple is one of the smallest and simplest to use glucose meters available today.

Requiring only a minute blood sample and delivering an accurate blood glucose reading in 5 seconds.


Glucose Meter

Type: Exactive EQ SIMPLE


Extremely easy to use and lightweight, requiring only 0.6ul blood sample to deliver results* in 5 seconds. No coding required, simply insert the test strip, add the blood sample when indicated and you are all set.

Our Exactive EQ comes in a convenient black fabric travel case, including lancing device, spare test strips and lancets (Where permitted), log book and full operating instructions.

The unit has a HIGH / LOW warning when blood glucose is below 3.9 mmol / L (70mg / dL) or above 10.0 mmol / L (180mg / dL) as well as a┬áKetone Check Warning – Appears when result is in excess of 16.9mmol / L (300mg/dL)


Size – 75mm x 34mm x 14.3mm (Thickness)

Glucose Test Range – 1.1mmol / L to 33.3 mmol/L (200-600mg/dL)

Display Size – 37mm x 20mm

Weight – 27 grams with Battery

Hematocrit range – 30-55% (Test results may not be accurate if sample is outside these parameters)

Battery Life – Over 1,000 readings (Uses 1 x CR2032 3.0V Coin Cell Battery (Not supplied)).


Classification: In-vitro Diagnostic Device. This product is intended for self-testing of blood glucose levels.

EC Certified ISO13485 and ISO15197 : 2002 approved.

*Please note that on models supplied in the UK, blood glucose results are presented as mmol / L as the default unit of measurement – in accordance with UK and EU norms.

In some other countries the preferred unit is mg/dL which is simply converted as described in the table below:


mg/dl divided by 18 = mmol/l
mmol/l times by 18 = mg/dl

Units with mg/dl as the default unit of measurement are available as a special order. Please contact us for further details.


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