Q&A – Articles and Useful Information


This is a new section, where we will begin to compile a database of frequently asked questions and endeavour to answer new ones.

Current research into diabetes is accelerating at a rapid pace and some previously held views and advice is changing. We will update this section and provide links to important sources of help and information.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a specific question that can be passed on to one of our experts.


The UK Governments tax body (HMRC) has designated diabetes as a chronic illness and so patients can be exempt from paying VAT on their diabetic supplies purchases.

By filling out and returning to us, the simple VAT Exemption form (Using the link below), all eligible supplies to you from Microtec Medical will be free of VAT.

When you register an account with us, you will see the option to apply for the VAT Exemption. This can be found in your profile on the account dashboard in the MY ACCOUNT area. From here you can UPLOAD the completed application form in .pdf format (Preferred).

PLEASE USE THE TAX CODE VAT 701/7  in the required field for TAX NUMBER 

FOLLOW THIS LINK TO THE FORM  –  VAT reliefs for disabled people


We also keep an up to date information channel, with the results of the latest diabetes studies and interesting or useful prices of information on our FACEBOOK page – check us out : www.facebook.com/microtecmedical  


Here are a few articles to get you started

Here is a great and concise article from the US diabetes association – a great introduction to what you need to know about BLOOD GLUCOSE.

all about blood glucose – PDF File

Understand a little of the history of diabetes – it has been around a lot longer than you think!

The History of Diabetes

Sometimes doctors and healthcare professional simply get it wrong! – Take a look at this medical study into diagnosing which type of diabetes you have and how best to treat it.

Misdiagnosis – Type1

Latest understanding and research has concluded that diabetics cannot de simply categorized as Type I or Type II. Here is an article explaining a Type 1.5 which might be quite useful for a newly diagnosed diabetic who doesn’t quite seem to fit the ‘old’ definitions.

Type 1.5 Diabetes Article

We are often asked about the implications of drinking alcohol as a diabetic. This article should cast some light on the subject.

Alcohol in Diabetes Study